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Root Canal Therapy

When damage occurs to a tooth due to deterioration, decay or a deep crack or cavity, the inside of the tooth becomes infected. This infection damages the tooth pulp, which consists of the blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth.

If not treated properly, the damaged pulp can lead to an infection where bone loss and damage around the tooth will result in pain and swelling. When the tooth becomes infected, Premier Dental Arts resorts to endodontic treatment, which is also known as Root Canal Therapy, to save the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy involves removing the damaged pulp while cleaning, shaping, filling and lastly sealing the tooth. If an outside Endodontist performed the original Root Canal, the patient would need to come to Premier Dental Arts so that Dr. Hoss or Dr. Mahtab can assist in a permanent filling to the tooth that had the Root Canal to help ensure longevity in the new life of the tooth.

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